Proven Benefits of Breastfeeding

Why Is Breastmilk So Important? Breastmilk is the gold standard for infant nutrition. There is no food that can compare with breastmilk. This amazing process begins when the pregnant mother’s body begins to produce valuable colosturm. Shortly after delivery, a mother’s breasts gradually begin to produce mature breastmilk. Colostrum can be golden or yellow, while mature … Read moreProven Benefits of Breastfeeding

Using a Baby Doppler For Heartbeat Check

baby doppler

A baby heartbeat Doppler, useful a device as it, is safe for home use and is also employed by healthcare practitioners and midwives inside the hospital set-up to listen to the heartbeat of a growing baby inside the womb. Using it rightly on your own might need some practice and can take you some time, … Read moreUsing a Baby Doppler For Heartbeat Check

Sore Nipples – Just One Type of Breastfeeding Problem

 Sore Nipples in Breastfeeding   It seems that the saying, “No pain, no gain” has gained popularity over the last several years.  When I began breastfeeding my first baby, I assumed that having painful or sore nipples was just something normal that everyone who breastfeeds has to put up with. However, I eventually realized that … Read moreSore Nipples – Just One Type of Breastfeeding Problem

Increase Breast Milk – Supplemental Nursing System

Supplemental Nursing System Today, I’m going to be discussing one way to increase breast milk supply.  It is called the Supplemental Nursing System, or SNS, for short.  I have personal experience with using this.  When my baby was four months old, he became uncharacteristically fussy at the breast for early evening feedings. Looking back, I’m … Read moreIncrease Breast Milk – Supplemental Nursing System

Breast Engorgement-A Step by Step guide

What is Breast Engorgement? Breast engorgement is something that most nursing mothers will experience.  You’ll notice that as the colostrum changes to mature breast milk, your breasts will feel warmer, fuller, and firmer.  Some of this full feeling is due to increased lymph and blood flow, but some of it is also the increased milk … Read moreBreast Engorgement-A Step by Step guide